Contact Product Purchases: An Ontraport + WordPress Shortcode Plugin

If you use Ontraport, you may have a WordPress membership website using Ontraport’s WordPress membership plugin called Pilotpress. When members are logged into your Pilotpress membership website, you have access to various information about them (contained in their Ontraport contact record) that you can retrieve using special shortcodes that Pilotpress makes available. Pilotpress also provides a customer center where customers can update their purchase and login info, and where they can view their subscriptions, payment plans, and some of their purchase history (the latter is somewhat limited).

One thing that neither the Pilotpress shortcodes nor the Pilotpress customer center makes easily available is a list of the products and services the contact has purchased from you.

As a Ontraport user myself, I wanted a way to provide a list of products/services purchased by each of my customers they could see at the membership website.

So I decided to write a WordPress plugin that provides a simple list of the products the customer has purchased, showing the original purchase date, and sorted in reverse order, last purchase first.

The list of the products is displayed like this:

  • Product or Service’s Name #1 (original purchase: Nov 17, 2017)
  • Product or Service’s Name #2 (original purchase: Oct 09, 2017)
  • Product or Service’s Name #3 (original purchase: Jun 28, 2017)

The <ul>and <li> tags used in the HTML coding of this list specify their own classes (“prod_ul” and “prod_li” respectively) so you can style them using CSS.

Using the Plugin at your WordPress website

  1. You need to have an Ontraport account
  2. You need to have the Pilotpress plugin installed at your WordPress membership website
  3. In Ontraport, generate a new API Key for the website where you will be using the plugin (if you haven’t already)
  4. Purchase and download the Contact Product Purchases plugin (the order form is also at the bottom of this post)
  5. Install and activate* the Contact Product Purchases plugin
  6. Go to Settings > “Contact Product Purchases” in the WordPress dashboard at the website where you’ll be using the plugin and put in the API key codes from #3 above and save them.

Code Examples

Simply put the following shortcode on a WordPress post, page, or in a widget:


If you want to *exclude* certain products, include a list of the Ontraport product IDs as follows:

[contact_product_purchases exclude=”2,12″]

Operational Notes

  • If the user has no purchases, then rather than a list, the following will be displayed: “*** No Products Found ***”
  • This plugin lists each product only once and displays the date of the first time it was purchased; if a product is purchased on a payment plan–or as a subscription–it lists the date of the first payment.
  • Only products with a “Paid” status in the contact’s Ontraport record will be shown.
  • You only pay for the plugin once and will receive all/any future updates to the plugin.

Customer Case Studies

I’m really interested to hear how people end up using the plugin. Please come back to this post and share your stories (as comments on this post) about how you’re the plugin to do interesting and creative things!

*Installing a downloaded zipped WordPress plugin file:

From the WordPress plugin menu click on Add New:

Instead of searching for a plugin you can directly upload your
plugin zip file by clicking on Upload:

Use the browse button to select the plugin zip file that was downloaded, then click on Install Now. The plugin will be uploaded to your blog and installed. It can then be activated (find it on the Installed Plugins page and click the “activate” link under the plugin called “Ontraport Contact’s Product Purchases”).

The Order Form