Pilotpress Shortcodes and Merge Fields

Recently, Ontraport re-did their online support pages and some of the information that used to be available is temporarily unavailable. Something that was missing at the time of this post was information about Pilotpress shortcodes and merge fields. Here is a list of merge fields and shortcodes you can use at your WordPress website if you have an Ontraport account and the Pilotpress plugin installed.

Merge Fields

These are shortcodes you can use to show information about the logged-in contact from their Ontraport contact record. The format is [pilotpress_field name=”{field name in Ontraport}”].

[pilotpress_field name=”First Name”]
[pilotpress_field name=”Last Name”]
[pilotpress_field name=”Email”]

Functional Shortcodes

Pilotpress includes some useful shortcodes you can use to display content to your Ontraport contacts based on membership levels and tags they may or may not have.
(note: the braces {} below are placeholders; don’t include them in your shortcodes.)

  • [show_if has_one=”{membership level names separated by commas}”]content[/show_if]
  • [show_if has_all=”{membership level names separated by commas}”]content[/show_if]
  • [show_if not_one=”{membership level name}”]content[/show_if]
  • [show_if not_any=”{membership level names separated by commas}”]content[/show_if]
  • [show_if has_tag=”{tag name}”]content[/show_if]
  • [show_if does_not_have_tag=”{tag name}”]content[/show_if]
  • [show_if is_contact]content[/show_if]
  • [show_if not_contact]content[/show_if]
  • [show_if is_cookied_contact]content[/show_if]
  • [show_if not_cookied_contact]content[/show_if]
  • [pilotpress_sync_contact]

Login Form

  • Default: [login_page]
  • With user selected customization: [login_page style=’default’ forgotpw=’on’ width=’320px’ bgcolor=’#ffffff’ textcolor=’#333333′]

Removing or Editing Ontraport Transaction “Offers”

According to the documentation on this page, if you create an “offer” to be used to add transactions in Ontraport, “there is no way to edit or remove it later”. However, there is a way to remove offers using the live Ontraport API page.

1) Find the “Offers” endpoint on the Live API page.
2) Open the GET/Offers (“This will get a list of Offers”) section and click the “Try it out!” button.
3) In the list of offers it shows, find the “id” of the offer you want to get rid of.
4) Open the PUT/Offers (“This will update an Offer’s data”) section and put that id into the “id” field and select 0 for the “public” field; then click the “Try it out!” button.

This offer will no longer appear in the list of offers when you add transactions in a contact’s record in the Ontraport app.